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As you all already know… (and then some)

HeartBeat is coming up this Thursday! 8:00 Friedmann Room, but if you wanna help set up, come by 7:00! 

Also, this Friday, we will be having a Prayse Night with AKC church- come to Chapin Chapel by 7:00 for praise and prayer

BUT… This much you guys already know.

What you may not know is that Bi-Semester is coming up, not this Sunday, but next Sunday.

As if things couldn’t get any cooler, Chris Nichols, the super-cool director of InterVarsity New England is coming to talk about race and the Gospel.

Check it out fellow ACF tumblrers!

"Chris Nichols, the director of InterVarsity New England, is coming to Amherst on April 20th (Red Room, 8pm) to give a talk on Race and the Gospel. He’s main questions are:

Is America a “post-racial” country? 
How do we define race, specifically in defining “blackness” and “whiteness”? 
What, if anything, does the Gospel have say about the complexities of race in multicultural environments, namely institutions of higher learning?

Chris Nichols has just returned from a year sabbatical where he interviewed black men at Ivy League schools. He is in the process of writing a book and he is coming to Amherst to present his research. After his talk there will be a Q&A session followed by a reception.”

This is sure to be super sweet. 

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Summit Registrations Open!

Summit Registrations are now open!

The theme of this year’s Summit is “What does it mean to be formed by God?” We will be doing a manuscript study through some chapters in Genesis. Super exciting!

Here is the link to register (along with the basic info):

Remember, financial aid is available, so don’t let the price of the retreat be a reason not to go! We would love for everyone to join. If you need financial aid (including if you cannot yet pay for the deposit), contact Kevin Hull (  

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Sign up for InterVarsity Urban Plunge!

This is gonna be a great outreach opportunity for anyone interested! 

WHEN:  March 17- March 23

Registration Deadline: March 1

WHERE: Springfield, MA
Nehemiah House
367 Union St
Springfield, MA 01105 

WHAT:  Join students from Western Mass on a special bring break trip to Springfield.  Serve alongside local non-profit organizations, learn learn about justice & Jesus, and experience life in the city. 

More info here: 

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ACF Small Groups 2012

Check out these awesome small groups!

Women’s Small Group
Tuesdays, 7:00 pm, Chapin 210
Lead by Cecilia and Caitlin, this small group will go through the book Captivating by John and Stasi Eldridge. 

Men’s Fellowship Dinner
Thursdays, 5:30 pm - 6:45 pm, Terrace Room (downstairs in Val)
Join Kwadwo and the boys for dinner and hanging out and answering John Wesley’s famous “Holy Club” questions. 

First Year Bible Study (FYBS!) 
Wednesdays, 7:00 pm, Stearns 1st floor common room
Lead by Alex, Colby, and Hayli, FYBS will continue going through 1 Corinthians. Awesome homemade baked goods (and fluff!) is provided weekly.  
Also, join FYBS for dinner upstairs in Val at 6 if you are free. 

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Intercollegiate Day of Prayer

Tomorrow (Thursday) is the Intercollegiate Day of Prayer! Across all 50 states, colleges will be joining in a day of 24/7 prayer to pray for a spiritual awakening on every single campus in America. We encourage you to set aside one or two hours to spend in the prayer room with God, seeking a revival in our nation! :)

If you haven’t already, sign up for prayer shifts outside the prayer room, Morrow 001. 

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Valentine’s Day FNF!

On Friday, February 17th, we’ll be having a holiday themed FNF. The 14th is everyone’s most feared holiday, so we’ve invited a panel of lovely Christian married couples to come and [informally!] share about their experiences with us. 
So save the date and start making a list of all those awkward questions you have about sex, dating, love, puppies v. children, puppies + children… 
See you there!
- ACF Leadership